Chef Vikas Khanna is in the news again. Though, this time, it's not for his culinary skills or for his humanitarian work

This time, he won the internet's heart, yet again, after giving a befitting reply to an anti-immigrant remark made by a US Senate candidate, Lauren Witzke.

This is what Lauren Witzke tweeted about. She said:

In her tweet, she stated that most third-world migrants can not “assimilate into civil societies." And, this is the response she got from Vikas Khanna. 

Khanna promptly listed his achievements as an Indian immigrant. He wrote that he's an acclaimed chef, a Michelin Star winner, has been on the cover of The New York Times and has also received the title of “The Hottest Chef of NY” by the Eleanor Roosevelt Award and he has also cooked for three American presidents.

Impressed by his reply, desi Twitter praised Khanna. 

Naturally, many others joined in to prove Lauren wrong. They slammed the Republican leader for her 'xenophobic' tweet and this is how they reacted:

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