Love is Love. Behind the heartwarming pictures of the viral lesbian couple, Adhila Nasarin and Fathima Noora, from Kerala, who recently exchanged rings, there lies a chilling story. But love conquered all.

viral lesbian couple kerala

Nasarin and Noora met each other in high school & fell in love, reported BBC. They spent the subsequent years apart while living with their families in different districts, working towards getting college degrees and becoming financially independent.

“Having a job is very important in being able to live your own life,” said Ms Noora. “The financial security means you are not at the mercy of someone else.”

viral gay couple kerala

Reportedly, in May, the couple had run away to Kozhikode to live at a shelter home operated by an LGBTQIA+ rights group. However, the families intervened and tracked the duo with the help of the police. They forcefully separated them, after which Nasarin filed a plea to the Kerala High Court seeking a reunion with her partner. The court ruled in their favour.

lesbian couple kerala photoshoot

A few months later, the couple has grabbed headlines once again with their viral photoshoot. “We just tried the photoshoot because we thought the idea was interesting,” Ms Nasarin told the BBC. “We’re not married yet. But at some point, we’d like to be.”

The couple shared the heartwarming pictures on Instagram last month. They are now viral on social media.

Take note how people are celebrating their love. It’s GOLD!

In 2018, the Supreme Court made the landmark decision and decriminalised homosexuality after a long legal battle by LGBTQIA+ activists. However, the community members continue to be stigmatized by the homophobic majority. And while gay sex is now legal, India is yet to recognise same-sex marriages.

While talking to BBC, Ms Nasarin lamented how they still have to use their father’s names in documentation, despite having a tumultous relationship with their respective families.