Love it or hate it, Uttar Pradesh is one such state in India that has the most bizarre human interest stories. The videos of a couple getting swallowed in drain or police fighting over bribe are proofs of it. As someone who hails from UP, I come across several such bizarre content in real life.

However, I had never imagined that an auto rickshaw can hold more than four people at the backseat. Certainly, I was wrong. A UP auto recently carried at least two dozens’ passengers including front seats at both sides. Not kidding, I know you are shocked too. I have a proof.

A video of 27 passengers deboarding the three-wheeler in UP’s Fatehpur district is going viral on Twitter. The clip shows a cop on duty getting stunned as he counts all the passengers including elderly and children one by one. On-lookers can be seen recording the incident.

The official Twitter handle of Fatehpur police has reacted to the video. According to the tweet, the auto driver has been charged a fine of ₹11,500/- under the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, for driving passengers more than what is permitted by the law.

And just like the cop, netizens are stunned too.

One Twitter user even compared the incident with a scene from Bhagam Bhag.

According to a NDTV report, the cop had stopped the over-speeding autorickshaw near the Bindki Kotwali area of Fatehpur. The autorickshaw has been seized, the report added.

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