Since the time India made an exit from the World Cup, there have been numerous claims that there is a rift between captain Virat Kohli and vice-captain Rohit Sharma. 

This also includes reports of Rohit unfollowing Virat on Instagram. 

The Indian Express

Putting all speculation to rest, Virat Kohli addressed the media today, saying that it is ‘baffling’ to hear such claims. 

We are feeding off lies, overlooking facts and turning a blind eye to all the good things that have happened and creating fantasies and scenarios in our heads. I have seen this for too long now. It is disrespectful. 
India Today

He also said that both of them have played cricket for a long time and it’s bizarre how people make things up without knowing what happens inside the change room.

Aap log ek baar aaiye aur dekhiye. Aap dekhiye Kuldeep Yadav se kaise baat kari jaati hai, MS Dhoni se kaise mazaak kiya jaata hai. Hum aapko video bana ke toh nahin dikha sakte.

Virat further explained that if he is insecure of a person, it shows on his face, and that has never been the case with Rohit. 

As I said it’s baffling. We here are living and breathing to take Indian cricket to top and then there are people who get some kind of pleasure in bringing it down. 

In the end, he requested everyone to not focus on things that are not even there.