Manya Singh, Miss India 2020 Runner-Up showed us all that it’s by hard work we achieve our dreams but while doing that, it’s equally important to celebrate who we are and where we come from. 

Her journey will keep inspiring us to fight for things we dream of while staying true to our roots.  

In another happy moment, she was driven by her father in his auto for her felicitation ceremony. Manya wiped away the tears of her parents and touched their feet for blessings. 

As seen in the video, Manya hugs her parents who seem to be really proud of their daughter. 

To show respect and gratitude, she even crowns them which leaves them giddily blushing and enjoying the moment. 

A total tear-jerker, this gesture shows how beautiful it is to share one’s happiness with our close ones. 

Seeing this, even people on Twitter were overjoyed. 

Manya Singh is setting some major goals one step at a time.