While myths around COVID-19 have pushed many pet ‘lovers’ to abandon their furballs, these migrant workers traveling on foot to their hometown while carrying their pets in their arms will warm your heart. 

Facebook; Rajesh Natraj

An animal rescuer, Rajesh Natraj recently posted a picture that spoke a million words. Even in these tough times, given their current condition, migrant workers refused to abandon their pets, even if that meant carrying them and walking on foot for hundreds of kilometers. 

These migrants were captured on the Mumbai- Nashik Expressway walking with all their belongings, along wi th the company of their pets. 

In an exclusive interview with ScoopWhoop, Natraj revealed that migrants from all across the nation were carrying their pets along with their other belongings. He further explained: 

They create a bond with their pets and their pets are their families away from home. They don’t ever wish to let go of that. Migrants choose to stick with their pets through thick and thin, just like family does. 

In fact, he further told us that when his team offered to help a few migrants and their pet rabbits, the migrants refused because they thought that it was a trap and people were trying to kill their pets because of the existing rumors. 

These people don’t even know if and when their next meal will come from, yet with the very little resources they have, they ensure that they’re taking care of their pets, instead of abandoning them at the drop of a hat. We have a lot to learn from them.