YouTuber Shubham Mishra publically issued a rape threat to a female comedian, because he was offended by her stand-up video – something she had already apologized for. 

Trigger warning for abusive content (rape, sexism, racism). 

Recently, comedian Agrima Joshua’s stand-up act offended supporters of Chatrapati Shivaji. After an MLA threatened to fire an FIR against her, she issued a public apology and took down the video. 

For starters, her joke, in no way, defamed Chatrapati Shivaji. Secondly, if the sentiments of a particular community were hurt by her comments, then they were free to take a legal course of action – just as MLA Pratap Sarnaik threatened to do. 

However, issuing a rape threat, to not just the person in question, but to all of her female family members, is not just a vile and disgusting thing to do but also, punishable by law. And it’s time that Shubham Mishra is arrested, because, rape and death threats have become far too common in our society. 

While NCW has asked for immediate action, he is yet to be arrested. 

Time after time, females, those who exist in public eye and those who don’t, are threatened with rape, death, and torture online. Because people are confident in the belief that no legal action will be taken against them.  

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A basic right.

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Shubham Mishra is a YouTuber with over 298k subscribers on the channel and over 35k followers on Instagram. And hurling abuses is a common element of his ‘social media presence’. 

In fact, when social media called out for Shubham’s arrest, his response was to take the video down and justify it by stating that his video was recorded in anger.

If comments in the name of comedy can be subjected to FIR, then why is abusive language, particularly directed towards women not being punished by law? 

How can rape culture be allowed to no just exist, but rather, thrive on social media? Why are there no actions, by social medial platforms, against content that is abusive, sexist, and life-threatening in nature? 

Unless swift, firm, and strict actions are taken by authorities against Shubham Mishra, people like him will continue to believe they enjoy unwarranted impunity, no matter their actions. It’s time to call out abusive behavior and ensure, that social media is a safe place for women.