If you’ve opened Instagram today, chances are you’ve stumbled upon hordes of people commenting these three magical words – ‘Nah he tweakin’. It’s an annoying reminder of the time people kept commenting ‘Binod‘ on everything, except this time, it’s worldwide (the horror!).

Even Instagram itself was like ‘what the heck is this?’. 

So what exactly does this mean? And where did it come from? While we know it’ll fade in a few days, a fad is a fad, and the origin is apparently related to Lil Nas X, the rapper.

This is what he commented on the news about Tony Hawk releasing his blood infused skateboards. That’s where it all began.


Also, ‘tweaking’ actually refers to a person being high on an upper such as meth, but in more general terms, it’s usually about someone not making sense.

Lil Nas X was displeased because some time ago, he did something similar – he released the ‘Satan shoe’ (each shoe had a drop of his blood in the soles). He got an insane amount of hate and backlash for it. Tony Hawk’s skateboard, on the other hand, has gone down seemingly fine with the public.

Following this, people on Instagram started posting ‘Nah he tweakin’ under literally everything, and all we can do is wait and watch.

Nah you know.