The ‘Ever Given’ cargo ship that was stuck at Egypt’s Suez Canal for the past few days was finally refloated on 29th March 2021. But, that doesn’t mean the waterway is clear from all the traffic.

Over 320 ships are still stuck at sea and it might take a few more days for everything to go back to normal so, someone decided to make a dating app for the crew members to lighten their mood and to distract them.

Danielle Baskin, a woman from San Francisco created a dating app for those who are stuck in their ships/vessels in Suez Canal. She started the website as a parody to lighten the mood. 

The app is called ‘Forever Given’ (a play on the fateful ship’s name). And, it has cheesy taglines that we would often find in other dating apps like Bumble or Tinder. Like this:

If the Suez Canal can connect two oceans, it can connect you to your dream match. 

And this:

Are you on a Russian warship? An oil products tanker? An eCommerce container ship? Check out some of the vessels nearby.

If you visit the website, you’ll come across columns to put down your designation such as Crude Oil Tanker Captain etc. That’s not all. There’s a vessel finder option that enables you to search for specific ships or specific names.

People on the internet are thrilled with the woman’s creativity. 

A thoughtful gesture indeed. 

Click here to visit the website.