While some robbers are highly trained and skilled at their job, there are those who might need a little more training. Otherwise, they might end up getting caught in the act just like these robbers who just couldn’t make the cut. 

1. This thief broke into a couple’s home in California and helped himself to a shower. 

Steve Baker, a local resident, was woken up by his wife at around 11 PM after she heard the sound of running water in their bathroom. When Steve checked the house he was surprised to see an intruder in nothing but a towel. Apparently, he had just taken a shower. 25-year-old Carrola Tiago-Freitas was arrested at the scene and was charged with burglary. This happened on 13th June 2021. 


2. This burglar from Thailand fell asleep while robbing a house. He was ultimately woken up by the police. 

22-year-old Athit Kin Khunthud used a toolkit to break into an officer’s (Jiam Prasert) house at 2 AM while he was asleep. The thief was caught red-handed after the owner noticed that the AC in his daughter’s room was running when she wasn’t even home. This incident happened on 27th March 2021. 

3. This burglar broke into a pub, thrashed it, got drunk and fell asleep. 

30-year-old Marius Petrikas was found sleeping on a couch by the owner of the pub the next morning. He eventually pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 12 months in prison. This incident took place on 29th January 2021. 


4. This thief broke into a house and cooked himself a meal in Florida. 

Apparently, 19-year-old Marine cooked himself breakfast and asked the residents to ‘go back to sleep’ after the owners heard a sound coming from the kitchen at 4 AM. Reportedly, he was under the influence of alcohol when he was taken into custody. This happened on 6th September 2019. 


5. This burglar broke into a mobile phone store in Chennai and managed to leave his own phone behind. 

A robber broke into a mobile phone store in hopes to steal mobile phones but he reportedly, dropped his own phone on the floor of the store in a hurry and he didn’t even notice. Janakiraman, the owner of the shop immediately called the police and informed them about the heist after he noticed the locks were broken. This incident happened on 18th December 2019. 


6. This thief broke into a restaurant and cooked himself a chicken dinner in the US. 

Reportedly, the hungry burglar cooked himself a chicken and rice dinner. He left behind a stack of dirty dishes and $200 in the cash register before leaving. This happened on 23rd March 2010. 


7. This burglar broke into a home, downloaded pornography and helped himself to refreshments in California. 

22-year-old Jonathan Jose Ruiz reportedly downloaded porn, masturbated and had milk and cookies after he broke into an apartment that belonged to female students. He was apprehended by the police and he pleaded guilty. He was sentenced to six years and eight months in prison. This incident took place on 21st April 2021. 


8. This burglar broke into a house in Kochi to steal valuables but he left empty-handed after he realised he entered a soldier’s house. 

The thief had to abandon his plans after realising that he had broken into a soldier’s house. He even left an apology note on the wall but, he did sip on some alcohol before making an exit. This incident took place in February 2020. 


9. This thief mistakenly stole 1,710 doses of Covid-19 vaccine doses from a hospital in Haryana. 

Though, he returned the sealed packet after realising that he had stolen Covid-19 vaccines. He even wrote an apology letter saying that he didn’t mean to steal vaccines. This incident took place on 23rd April 2021. 


10. This thief from Jalandhar stole a car without realising that there was a woman sitting inside it. 

The 77-year-old woman had gone to the market with her driver. But, when the driver stepped out of the car, a thief reportedly stepped in and drove away without noticing that somoene was already sitting inside. The woman was creaming for help but no one heard her. The thief requested the woman to keep quiet and he told her he would drop her back home safely the next day. This incident took place on 1st June 2021. 


Time to find an alternate profession, maybe?