On Saturday, self-proclaimed godman and rape accused fugitive, Nithyananda revealed the currency of a country he claimed to have found. 

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Announcing the launch of the ‘Reserve Bank Of Kailasa’ on the occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi, he unveiled Kailaasian dollars’ in gold as the currency that’ll govern this central bank. 


Apparently, one dollar will have one tola i.e 11.66 grams of gold. Furthermore, the dollar will be printed in 25 different designs, portraying the Hindu history. 

In Hinduism, gold is not only valued — it’s sacred. All currencies will only be printed in pure gold.
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But that’s not the only medium of monetary exchange in this wild, wild country. Grains, precious gems and other precious metals will also be used. 


I mean what is his bank trying to do with all those precious gems and solid gold? Recreate Thanos’ gauntlet?


As per the gold rate, the conversion rate of one Kailisan dollar will be Rs. 62,906. That’s more than my two months salary combined, before the pay cuts.   

Also, this is a genuine question. How do I buy a pack of gum or an individual cigarette in his country? Will it be like 50,000 bucks or do I pay like 0.000005? Or do I try to split my ‘pure gold’ coin or dollar bill into half? 

And in a country that trades in gold dollars, what does one give when they don’t have any change? Literally peanuts? Like what is the change equivalent of Pulse candy here?

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Excuse me, did I just accidentally wake up in the 15th century? Or in an episode of Black Mirror where people have started living their lives as if its the infamous board game, ‘Business’? 

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In 2018, Nithyananda was accused of raping a US-based disciple over a five year period and charged for the same. He fled the country last year and has been conducting sermons via videos on his social media channels.