As billions of animals lost their lives to the Australian bushfires efforts are being made all over the world to raise funds for the treatment of those animals who are still suffering. And, this time, a zoo in America is doing their bit.

In order to raise funds for the Australian wildlife that was affected by the bushfires, The Cincinnati zoo is celebrating its beloved hippo, Fiona’s third birthday. 

The Ohio zoo is requesting people to buy T-shirts instead of sending gifts for Fiona. The T-shirt features a koala and kangaroo giving Fiona a hug with a print that reads “Supporting Our Friends Down Under.” 

The funds raised from the sales of the T-shirts will be sent to Zoos Victoria to help them take care of the animals who are suffering.

The zoo is also going to add an additional $5,000 to the total amount raised. In case you didn’t know, Fiona became a global sensation when she was born prematurely on 24th January 2017, weighing in at only 29 pounds (13 kilograms).

This spectacle was nothing short of a miracle as the normal range for a hippo’s birth weight is 55-120 pounds (25 to 55 kilograms).

Oh, and if you don’t believe me regarding Fiona’s popularity, check out these birthday wishes that she is being showered with on social media. 

As of now, the zoo has already raised over $100,000 for Zoo Victoria and the orders for the T-shirts are still rolling in. 

It is really heart-warming to see people come together for a good cause.
Click here, if you also want to make donations for the victims of the bushfires.