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From kindergarten to senior high, we spend half of our youth in educating ourselves about things that hardly comes to use in real life. Don’t you agree? I mean, what was the purpose of learning about these 6 things when they’re LITERALLY of no use to us in real life? Can you tell me?        

1. The value of pi doesn’t even have 3.14159% value in the real world problems!  

2. Mark my words – knowing the structure of benzene won’t help you get a decent career structure!  

3. Finding the X doesn’t really matter, just find the X number of opportunities ’cause that’s all that matters!       

4. The exothermic reaction won’t help us in knowing how others will react when truth bombs are spilled!  

5. We never use the Pythagoras theorem for calculating the chances of getting a job. Do you?   

6. Instead of finding the square root of our problems, I wish they taught us how to find the solutions…  

Looks like all those textbook learnings were for nothing! But, the good news is, it won’t be the case for y’all who just have passed out of schools ’cause now you can #LearnWhatMatters!

It’s time for you to upskill yourself by choosing one of the Future Ready Courses with NIIT as getting a degree doesn’t guarantee a decent career. But, with these ‘upskilling’ courses, y’all can actually learn the things that will benefit you IRL! So come, join us and get #FutureReadyTalent! And yeah, before you go, watch this cute video: