As the tremors of COVID-19 have brought the entire mankind to its knees, the only thing that’s keeping us safe in these tough times is the army of frontline workers who are putting their well-being at stake to contain the pandemic.

We literally owe our lives and our safety to these frontline warriors. But during these testing times, there are another kind of unsung heroes who are working day and night to make sure that the pandemic doesn’t act as a barrier to education. 

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Yes, I’m talking about all the teachers, educators and professors out there, who are putting in thrice the amount of work and effort to curate e-learning curriculums that ensure their students aren’t suffering academically. 

Whether it’s making the best use of WhatsApp to send voice recordings of everyday lectures, releasing educational podcasts or creating a makeshift classroom to take virtual classes over Zoom, educators from all across the globe have pretty quickly adapted to this form of teaching. 

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When this dedicated teacher didn’t have access to a tripod during the lockdown, she went beyond her usual classroom duties and came up with a life-changing hack to ensure that the students could view her whiteboard. 


In fact, In India, not only private but even the government schools have successfully made efficient efforts with either e-learning or flipped education to make sure that they receive maximum student engagement in these unprecedented times. 


Ushakumari Ma’am, an educator from Kerala developed and incorporated augmented reality during her virtual classes to make sure that her students gained a holistic experience even during online classes.  

If you come to think about it, all the educators are actually going above and beyond their duty calls, just like the frontline warriors. They’re working around the clock to try and make the untapped concept of online education and e-learning accessible in India during times like these. 


Along with their ongoing tasks and lesson plans, they now have to research effective methods of online teaching, digitise all their teaching content, record lectures and produce virtual notes to ensure that their students have the raw material to study.   

Can we please take a moment to applaud their flawless multi-tasking skills? 


This is probably the first time that most of the new academic sessions all across the country have started via e-learning. The teachers have managed to keep their students engaged from across the screen. 

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We are so sure that these regular sessions and efforts made by educators are helping their students get as close to how their life used to be, before the pandemic. 

We salute all the educators for taking such measures to ensure that their students are learning new things even during the lockdown. Thank you for always putting your students first.