For all my non-Bangaali friends, 'kol balish' means body pillow. Though all my Bangaali friends know that it's not just a regular body pillow, it's a quintessential part of our lives, tai na? *sigh* 

kol balish is love

I can't even imagine a good night's sleep without hugging my kol balish and you'll relate to me if you're a true Bangaali at heart. 
I mean, it's the perfect representative of every Bangaali's need for support 'cause we gotta cling onto something, all the time. Agree or not. 😜 

kol balish

Well, it's also an ideal portrayal of our *constant* need for slacking off. C'mon peeps, everyone knows how much we Bangaalis love to relax (read: sleep around the clock).
And, any task that doesn't involve sleeping kinda makes us sad. Really sad.  

being lazy
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Every morning, when the clock strikes 9, the trauma of leaving my kol balish is more real than anything on this planet. I crave, every SINGLE. MINUTE. of the day, to go back home and hug it. 

kol balish for comfort

It's not just a mere bolster, it's my one true love. And there someone defined it... 

kol balish definitions
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And they agree too. 

No matter what happens, nothing in the world can replace you, my dear kol balish. You'll always be the real meaning of my khushi. XOXO! ❤️