V-Day is upon us. No, dammit, not Valentine’s Day, that’s next week. Today is a lot more important than flowers and chocolates. Today, you have a chance to keep Delhi on track, to be the change you want to see.

Indian Express

It’s voting day in Delhi, and no matter who you support, it’s truly imperative that you get out there and cast your vote. 

This has to have been one of the most eventful and chaotic run-ups to an election ever seen in the country. There’s been more mud-slinging than one can handle, violence, protests, arrests – it’s insane.


Every party has been pulling out all the stops to consolidate power in the capital, and it’s definitely gotten ugly. Our duty is to vote, and make an informed decision at that.

Don’t just go by chest-beating speeches and blame-game politics. Base your decision on what the different parties have done to better not just your lives, but the lives of every section of society.

Hindustan Times

Take a look at what the main players are offering in their manifestos. Decide what you want out of your elected leaders, and then get your butt to your polling station.

It’s important to get involved in the election process, it’s the only way you can force some real change in the country. It’s the only way to show those in power that they actually have a job to do, and not let them get too comfortable. 


Even if you’re a jaded non-believer who thinks it’s all pre-decided and nothing you do will change anything, still go out and vote. I guarantee you, it matters!

Zee News

This is a crucial juncture in the future of Delhi, and collaterally, the country. If a person over the age of 100 can manage polling, so can you. So get out there, people.