Being an only child can be both, a boon and a bane. While you enjoy the perks of being pampered and having everything to yourself, you also have moments of sheer boredom. Here are a number of people who revealed some things that are highly relatable for every only child. Ready? Read on.


1. “Lonely vacations.”

– JerretM

2. “Pro: Yay, all the toys are mine. Con: Damn, I have no one to play with them with.”

– yeahnahmaybewhatever

3. “Being the only child is worst. There’s no social networking and you live in a bubble. If your parents are socially isolated, so are you. In my case, it was exacerbated since my dad was an end-times-any-day-now kinda guy and my mom was practically agoraphobic, would never want to leave the house for any reason. I was over protected, socially awkward and learned about how to act around people through shitty 1970’s television shows. I had a lot to learn all at once when I hit the real world.”

– danhawkeye ·

4. “The best part about being an only child is that I learned how to entertain myself pretty easily. I am usually content by myself because it feels comfortable to me. The worst part is that I have no personal experience with the sibling bond. I see it with my kids and I envy it terribly.”

– mab3r

5. “It’s the best. Nobody ever argues with you at home, except your parents. Also, they put all of their parenting efforts into YOU, rather than splitting it evenly (or sometimes unevenly) between two or more children.”

– mkgator23

6. “When my parents die, there is no one, except me, who will remember my childhood. I will be the only child who has lost MY parents. I will be alone in that grief and I will have lost my closest family. I dread my parents growing old, getting sick, lonely and worst of all, dying. This outweighs the benefit of being showered in presents at birthdays and festivals.”

– Tiralina

7. “Not being able to finish anything. You go to a restaurant and everything looks good. Candy, popcorn and bagel bites. You are halfway through and you can’t stomach any more of it. You know it’s like when you eat from a bag of chips that’s not yours and it tastes so good? Well, when nobody is fighting you for it then it’s just not as good.”

– chkachkaboomb00m

8. “The only “best” thing I can think of is that it got me used to being alone. Apart from that, pretty much everything else is worst. Always alone. Not having that special bond with anyone. Caring for ageing parents alone, including making tough decisions. Never having any nieces or nephews. Your kids won’t have cousins to play with. Hearing people with siblings say, “trust me, having a brother/sisters isn’t that great and you are better off as an only child” when they have no idea about the loneliness you’ve felt your entire life.”

– LipstickNLead

9. “It’s the best. You get 100% of your parent’s attention, money and love. Also, you don’t have to deal with a potentially bad sibling who does drugs, munches you off for money and stresses out your parents.”

– thurg

10. “As a single child, when I was little, I only played with myself. I’m the oldest of my cousins, so I was the only one that age. When I started kindergarten, I had to get used to the concept of sharing and talking to other kids. I would often play with random shit and my imagination, which usually left me in a secluded corner of the playground, talking to myself. Eventually, I made friends. Being socially behind everyone was probably the worst part. The best part? Once I got home, I didn’t have to share my fucking toys with anyone and I always had my own room.”

– Ninjaartist0322

11. “It was the worst. I never experienced the sibling bond and their love, occasional hate and fight for ice creams. When your parents get old, it’s your sole responsibility to take care of them because you will be their only immediate family. This is especially inconvenient if you are working in another city and are swamped with stuff.”

– thurg

12. “You can eat ALL the food.”

– vbaeri

13. “You have nobody to bond with/run to when stuff gets bad and nobody to pin your childhood ‘crimes’ on.”

– redqueenswrath

14. “You get ALL the presents!”

– iainofiains

15. “I feel like I’m a lot less social than people who have siblings. I feel pretty comfortable by myself.”

– BoughtreeFidee ·

So, do you think that being an only child is better or worse?