In between incidents of communal tension, we’re constantly hoping to come across stories of brotherhood and positivity. And when we do come across such stories, they leave us with some hope, after all. We’ve got one of those today – where two Hindu sisters donated their land to eidgah, days before Eid.


Anita and Saroj’s father, Lala Brajnandan Rastogi passed away in 2003 and he owned a few acres of land in Kashipur of Uttarakhand – some part of this land went to them after his death. The sisters found out about his wish to donate the land to his “Muslim brethren” from relatives, and decided to give away 2.1 acres of land worth over ₹1.2 crore to eidgah (open ground used for prayers during Eid). 

Awaz – The Voice

Anita and Saroj sorted the paperwork on Sunday with their brother Rakesh, who lives in Kashipur. This act of selflessness touched many hearts and people from the Muslim community at Kashipur prayed for Lala Brajnandan Rastogi during their Eid prayers. Some even put his photograph as their profile picture on WhatsApp as a gesture out of respect and love.

My father was a strong believer in communal harmony. He wished to donate the land to the eidgah so that it could accommodate more people for namaz on festivals such as Eid. My sisters honoured his wish.


Awaz – The Voice

Netizens also appreciated this act of kindness.

It’s heartwarming stories like these that keep our hopes alive.