From the numeral zero to the world-renowned game of chess, us Indians always tend to pride ourselves over the fact that we have introduced some very important gifts to the world. 


And due to the widespread growth of coronavirus, the gesture of a slight bow and hands pressed together AKA India’s Namaste has emerged as a popular way of greeting people. 

Whether it is US President Donald Trump or Prince Charles, every person around the globe has suddenly ditched every other form of greeting and is adopting the magic of the homegrown Namaste

Even though PM Modi made sure to make Indian culture all about Yoga, the coronavirus scare has taken our culture to a whole new level and made the world realize which powerful salutation is here to rule the world.

I mean sure, it might take a little while for the entire world to completely become flawless at this desi ritual. But hey! at least India is contributing to something against this pandemic. 

And why not? Not only is namaste super respectful, it also creates a safe distance from any sort of human interaction. The last time we checked, weren’t these the main precautions to stay away from this viral disease?           

So, in the age of a pandemic like coronavirus, better stay safe than sorry. Adapt the age-old Indian way of Namaste and abandon the awkward handshakes.