Being in a relationship is the nicest feeling in the world. Having to share your problems, your happiness, your sadness and literally have no filters is nothing less than a dream come true. 


But once you reach the peak of adulthood, when you’re juggling between your career, finishing your deadlines and just struggling with life.. then sleep has to be your number one priority.    

It literally has taken tons of studies and scientific researches to make us realize that sleep in fact is one of the most important human needs. 


But among everything else, if you’re not particularly a heavy sleeper then being in a relationship can sometimes feel like torture.

Even if you’re madly and deeply in love with your partner. 

Why? Because after that long tiring day, you have to share the bed with your boo and eventually sleep with them.  

That’s a bloody nightmare!  

Wait wait! Before you @ me for dissing my significant other, let me make one thing clear. Sleeping with them has nothing to do with the relationship. 

No really, the warm and fuzzy feeling of cuddling with the bae is pretty much the best feeling in the world. But, I am a cuddler, not a sleep cuddler. 


That’s right! No matter how much I love that particular expression of intimacy, I need my little personal space to fall asleep without being smothered. 

I mean, I do get with people who probably have a single bed or are heavy sleepers who can doze off in virtually any position. But hello, what about the ones who have neither?    

Honestly, sleeping is literally like walking on eggshells with your SO. I mean, suddenly you are damn aware of every little sleeping habits of theirs when they sleep and it is worse when they are trying to snuggle.    

Suddenly, the same blanket that seemed oh-too-cosy seems way too small for two people and the entire night is spent wrestling for that blanket.      

Their ‘light snores’ feel like a tiny earthquake every time you try to snooze. They are sometimes so loud that you’re awake in the middle of the night staring at them and planning ways to murder them right then and there.         

And do not even get me started about the part when the partner tries to shift their position. Either their hand is on your face or their leg is on your tummy.                 

What the hell is even that? 

Seriously, there is whole lot of love for you bae, but if there is a double bed and two blankets in the mix, just go to the other side of the bed and let me sleep.