No matter how old you get and how many years you spend living away from your family, there's no doubt that living alone is damn hard.

It might seem that it is a step towards freedom, but the harsh realities of being and acting like an adult hits you like a truck the minute you start living all by yourself. 

From cooking your own food to cleaning your house, sab kuch khud hi karna padta hai. And if you are an anxiety stricken person like me, then all this unwanted responsibility doesn't really let you sleep well at night. 

I mean sometimes It just might happen that the sheer thought of forgetting to switch off the geyser wakes you up at 4 am in the morning. 

Let me repeat: It's just a random thought while you're sleeping in the middle of the bloody night. 

sleep deprived
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Even the idea of sound sleep in my own apartment is a far fetched dream, but the minute I go for a vacation to my parent's place I suddenly seem to get this superpower of sleeping for 12 hours straight without any bloody interruption.

Seriously! You honk your car horns or even play the music on full volume and nothing will affect me.

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And it's not just be me, everyone I know who has ever had to live alone gets their best sleep when they go to their parent's home.

I mean how can one not? There is no damn responsibility when you are at your parent's place.  

Whether it is opening the door early morning for your kaam wali aunty or getting up early to cook your breakfast before you go to your office, there is no damn worry at all. 

In fact, you are the king/ queen at the home of your mum and dad. Kuch bhi ho, kahin bhi ho there is this sub-conscious satisfaction ki koi na koi toh kaam kar hi lega humara. 

Moreover, why won't we sleep like a baby at parents'? The bed is always clean AF. 

That's right! One of the many things a millennial who lives alone does not care about is changing their bedsheets and bed covers every week. Sometimes, we don't even give a shit about making the bed also. But in lieu of being lazy, we forget the most basic thing.


But at your parent's house, you can expect a clean AF germ-free bed with a chaddar that hasn't dared move an inch from its designated position.

But most importantly, we sleep best at our parents because there is a sense of constant security. I mean, who can protect us better than our own parents, right? 

Our parents will always remain our hero and the last time I checked, a hero will always fight crime (read: worries) so that everyone can sleep in peace at night... or day. Whatever floats your boat.