In another incident of inhumane treatment of migrant workers, bleach was sprayed on the labourers who returned to UP via special buses. 

According to NDTV, this video was filmed in Bareily, about 270 km from Lucknow. This particular batch of immigrants had just returned to the state over the weekend. This ‘disinfection’ also involved a few policemen. In fact a man can also be heard saying- ‘Apni aankhen band kar lo. Bacchon ki aankhen band kar lo’. 

Are we honestly going to pretend that this is all normal? Seriously, is this how we treat our poor? Bleaching them and their children like their lives are worth nothing?

Of course, there are always those who have justified this. 

This dude’s even smarter!

Now, did we do the same to people who came back from foreign trips and ran away because they didn’t think they would like the facilities at the hospitals they would be quarantined in?

Did Kanika Kapoor go through it? Or all the people she partied with after returning to India? After all, she tested positive. 

India Today

This isn’t just a sad state of affairs, it’s dehumanising. These are real people, not cattle to be sold to the highest bidder. You can’t just pump them up with chemicals to make sure they are fit for consumption. 


First, you announce a lockdown with a 4-hour notice without realising the absolute gargantuan number of homeless people in the country with o financial repartions. 

So they starved and had to walk hundreds of miles to their villages. Meanwhile, cops beat people up and humiliated them. And now this?

Deccan Herald

Help me understand this. The virus originated in China and can only spread from one person to another through close proximity. 

Now, it is safe to assume that these people or people from this class of the society have not been to China since December 2019, let alone ever. So the only way Coronavirus could have reached India had to be through people flying in and out of the neighbouring country. 

India Today

And yet, they were allowed to move freely all across India, carrying and spreading the virus. Did the authorities get them to have a bath in bleach? Maybe then we wouldn’t have had to have a lockdown. 

The fact of the matter is that just because these people are poor, they have been treated like cattle at a butcher’s market. What are they going to do? File a case? No, they can’t even afford a roof over their heads. 


Oh, and BTW, anyone saying that there were no chemicals involved, don’t be daft! I know you are in love with your government and your authorities but seriously, wake the fuck up. 

Speaking to reporters, Bareilly’s Chief Fire Officer Chandra Mohan Sharma confirmed that the chemical used was Sodium Hypochlorite or bleach and said: 

The disinfectants have chemicals. These should not be used on humans… should not come in contact with eyes. This video is being investigated.

See, the development of any state is determined by how it treats it’s poor. And if this is how we treat our poor in 2020, then we are far fucking away from being a superpower and maybe we don’t deserve to be one.