On August 15th, we celebrated India’s diamond jubilee, marking 75 years of freedom from the tyranny of the British. Fair enough, it is worthwhile to celebrate the gallant men and women and their immense contribution to the freedom struggle. But if you believe that their efforts are paying off, you should think again.

These facts show that even in our nation’s 75th year of independence, we are not really independent.

1. 11 convicts who were serving life terms for rape and murder in the Bilkis Bano case were greeted with a hero’s welcome as they were released from jail.

The family of the victim is numb, shocked and shaken. The convicts were welcome by being garlanded.


2. As per the Kerala court, your sexual harassment complaint might not even be upheld if you were wearing ‘provocative clothing.’

Imagine a judiciary system so frivolous that the size of your clothing decides if you deserve justice. It reeks of nothing but misogyny. 


3. A Dalit boy was flogged to death for merely touching the water pot.  

A teacher at a private school in Surana village in Rajasthan’s Jalore district beat up Indra Meghwal, who later succumbed to his injuries at a hospital. 

The Indian Express

4. 35-year-old Jaipur woman dies a week after being set on fire.

A week after being set on fire by her family members and relatives, a woman died from burn injuries. 

India Today

5. Madhya Pradesh man was compelled to carry his father on a handcart to the Hospital. 

Due to an oversight in administration in the town of Daboh in Madhya Pradesh, a man was forced to carry his ailing father to the hospital on a handcart.


6. A professor from St. Xavier’s Institute Kolkata was forced to resign over an Instagram photo in a bikini.

A parent sent a letter to the administration because his son was gawking at her picture retrieved from her private Instagram account. The institute did not defend the professor and forced her to quit.

Kerala Kaumudi

7. Newborn twins died in front of their mother as there was no road to a hospital. 

As the mother bled profusely after giving birth, family members carried her for roughly 3 km through steep terrain and steep hills.


8. A 19-year-old was given a spiked drink and gang raped after a birthday party. 

The woman, who works for a private company, was given a drink that was spiked with sedatives while she was at the party on Sunday. Later, a man brought her into a room and called some of his friends, and they took turns raping her. 

Times of India

What are your thoughts on this?