It's no secret that Delhi's AQI is hazardous, and has continuously been so, year after year. As of November 16, 2021, Delhi had an AQI of 266, and people were constantly experiencing health issues because of air pollution. 

Delhi Pollution
Source: India Today

On the other hand, there are Indian cities where the AQI is not a cause of concern, and people don't struggle with something as basic as breathing. Here's a look at the Indian cities with the best AQI, as of November 16, 2021: 

1. Aizawl, Mizoram

AQI: 7

Source: Tour My India

2. Davangere, Karnataka 

AQI: 12

industrial town davangere
Source: Karanataka

3. Digboi, Assam 

AQI: 13

Source: Wikipedia

4. Parli Vaijnath, Maharashtra 

AQI: 13

parli vaijnath
Source: Trip Advisor

5. Puducherry, Puducherry 

AQI: 13

Source: Media India

6. Honnali, Karnataka 

AQI: 14

Hirekalmatha, Honnali
Source: YouTube

7. George Town, Tamil Nadu 

AQI: 17

Madras High Court in George Town
Source: Wikipedia

8. Ramamangalam, Kerala 

AQI: 17

Source: Digital Keralam

9. Shirhatti, Karnataka  

AQI: 24

Shrimanthgad Fort – Shirahatti
Source: Tripoto

10. Koppal, Karnataka

AQI: 26

Koppal, Karanataka
Source: NIC

All data from IQ Air. You can find out more about AQI in India, and the world, here