You already know what this is about. We get it. You like travelling by planes, you like drinking on planes, and drinking does make your bladder go SIUUUUU. We get it. Just use the fucking bathroom like the rest of us. It can’t be that difficult. You can’t have been lost on your way. Its a straight line towards the end of the plane.

See, all us must have witnessed desi drunk passengers creating nuisance in buses, trains, and flights. I remember once I watched a drunk man performing a pole dance inside the metro and falling on the floor every time. But I had never imagined such praanis to be so shitfaced that they will pee on other passengers. As if watching men urinating in public wasn’t disgusting enough.

Source: 3 Idiots/Meme Template House

Why would you pee on another person? Are you claiming them? You can’t claim people. Slavery is frowned upon and more importantly, its fucking illegal, you imbecile.

Look we get it, ya’ll like your creative freedom, like we’re dropping F-bombs in this article. Drunk men are quite pro and creative with their pee art. While majority of these drunkards create abstract designs on walls, some of them even have pee fight moments with each other.

Source: Tenor

Just use the god damn loo, like the rest of humanity.

I understand the sense of entitlement that Indian men have. It’s instilled in you through centuries of patriarchy. You have a dick, you pull it out wherever you want and you want to get creative. But this thought might have escaped your attention but the rest of us have no desire to get peed on. Some of us might but you gotta ask first. And only ask, and I mean this with all sensibility if you know someone and you know them in the biblical sense and even then, they are most likely to ask you to fuck right off.

Again, planes have a lot of rules and we make a big deal out of every Desi person ever, getting off their eats the moment the plane lands, like they are catching a metro to Huda City Centre from Rajeev Chowk but that doesn’t mean you just whip it out and pee on people.

That’s assault. You can’t do that. God, when I took this job, I never thought I would ever have to tell people to not pee on other people. But here we are! Back to the days of our shit-flinging primate ancestors.

Seriously, was your bladder holding too much pee inside after the drinking session that you acted like such a dick? What’s wrong with you? It’ not even plane etiquette. It’s just common decency not to spray your piss on your people, you little prick!

Diaper pehen lo itna hai to!