Gender roles have plagued our society for a long while. It’s sad and frankly a little infuriating to see just how much damage they’ve caused. From men being frowned upon for being in touch with their emotions, or earning less than their partners to women having to be entirely responsible for marriages, households and children – gender roles… errr.. how shall I put it, SUCK. 

Which is why this Twitter thread by independent journalist Sayantan Ghosh is so refreshing to read, and so, so important to talk about. 

In the thread, he has talked about how he lost his job back in 2021. Consequently, he had to decide between staying in Delhi to look for more employment opportunities and moving back to his hometown with his partner, and her daughter. 


Ultimately he decided to move back, but more importantly, the journalist has talked about how his life has changed ever since he relocated. Ghosh proudly and comfortably mentioned how he does household chores and that he doesn’t earn a lot of money, but the fact that he can spend quality time with his loved ones overrides it all. 

By talking about the way he is leading his life, Sayantan has set an example for everyone. Because it is so often expected that men earn more than their partners, and also, not to partake in household chores. 

Here’s how other people responded to and praised the journalist for the way he has chosen to live his life. 

What’s important is that you’re living a life that makes you happy. Social norms should never be the reason you lead a life that isn’t authentic to you.