There’s no doubt that the entire world was shaken this week by the horrifying scenes of Russia invading Ukraine. From citizens hiding in bunkers to people left stranded on borders, the grim situation has left the world shocked.


Amid the deteriorating situation in the war-torn nation, Khalsa Aid has once again stepped in to help people in dire need.

A number of students, who were sleeping in the open or in bomb shelters without proper meals and water for the past few days, received fresh meals for free. Known for their philanthropy services, Sikh volunteers have been helping a number of stranded students with free langar in the country.


The founder of Khalsa Aid, Ravinder Singh took to his social media account and wrote how their volunteers have been providing free langar and assistance to several students from different countries. 

Khalsa Aid also took to social media to inform of how the organization is trying to help in the current situation.

Here’s what the people think of their selfless act:

This is not the first time that this international non-profit humanitarian organization provided immense support to victims in need around the world. From free food and shelter to health services, the organisation has been serving those in need during floods, wars, earthquakes and protests.