One thing that almost all desi kids will relate to, is drinking a nice, cold bottle of Maaza in summers. Especially, during family vacations or when visiting our naani’s place! So, we bet you’ll love to know that the soft drink has levelled up and become one of the highest-selling beverages in India, so much so, that it has even surpassed Coke.

According to reports, Maaza has achieved sales worth of ₹2,826 crore in FY21, in the Indian market. Which is higher than that of Coke. Coming in a close second to the mango flavoured drink, is Limca. Which has recorded sales worth of ₹2,061 crore in FY21.

Limca and Maaza were both acquired by The Coca-Cola Company along with Thums Up from Ramesh Chauhan (of Parle Bisleri), back in 1993. And Thums Up has now become a billion dollar brand in itself, in fact it is currently worth  ₹7,500 crore. Coca-Cola President (India and Southwest Asia), Sanket Ray has also spoken about Limca and Maaza’s popularity and place in the market. 

Definitely, Maaza is bigger than Coke, and Limca is just smaller than Coke. That is the current situation.

-Sanket Ray told PTI


We’re so happy to see Maaza thriving like this! Is anyone else craving a bottle of it now?