Remember that episode from FRIENDS when Monica, Rachel, Joey and Chandler compete for Monica’s apartment? Where Joey answers Rachel’s favourite movie and then tells everyone her ACTUAL favourite movie?

It so happens that most of us are like that when we start discussing movies with our friends. While all of them start discussing those oscar-nominated and IMDB Top 10 movies, most people start nodding their heads even though they don’t know jackshit about it.  

I am not ‘most’ of them. Hell, I am not any of them. I am that person who watches the shit out of those supposed mindless rom-coms and have not missed any high school movie ever made. 

Never ever!


I did try watching those ‘intellectual’, ‘cool’ and well-acclaimed movies and I hated it. But after a while I realized that why should I watch something I don’t even enjoy? Isn’t watching movies all about actually enjoying them? 

I mean, why would I watch something that bores me to death? 

All my pseudo cool friends made fun of me. ALL OF THEM. Even the ones who I knew pretended to watch all those ‘mind-boggling’ movies to be a part of the conversation. But there’s just one answer I have for all those friends and all those ‘cool’ people. 

I don’t need your goddamn recommendation. And, no it is not a friggin acquired taste. They bloody suck. 

In fact, I take pride in the fact that there is not one romantic-comedy movie on Netflix or Amazon Prime that I haven’t watched. From The Proposal to Friends with Benefits to even the worst rip-offs like No Strings Attached, I have seen them all. 


Till date I still remember ever damn lyrics of all the three High School Musical movies. Everyone doesn’t have that kind of talent. 

If you don’t cry after listening to ‘We’re all in this together’ then what kind of teenage did you even have?

I mean, what is not to like in these movies?

Hot actor/actress: Check
Playful fighting: Check
Flirting: Check
Kiss at the end of the movie: Check check and check

What kind of a robot are you if you don’t like all of these in a movie? Are you even a movie connoisseur to begin with?

Unlike all you phoney people who try to defame the sanctity of romantic comedies, I am proud to say that all those movies are not just my guilty pleasure but are truly my choice of movies. 

So for crying out loud, stop movie-shaming people.