We’ve seen many changes take place in employment, all over the world, in the past couple of years. Some not so great, some more encouraging and truly supportive of employees. 

For instance this New Zealand company’s updated leave policy. Actionstep, a software company based in Auckland, is now offering its employees unlimited annual leave. 


According to the company’s vice president of engineering Stevie Mayhew, this is a way for the organization to build trust with their employees, and vice versa. 

It allows people to take the leave they need and then come in and do their best work for us… This way, it covers everything like sick leave, bereavement and maternity. The people are the business and this way we can ensure we have happy and healthy staff who can do their best in their jobs.

-Stevie Mayhew told NZ Herald


Even though, Actionstep is providing unlimited leaves, it encourages its employees to take a minimum of four weeks of leaves. This minimum requirement applies to all its offices around the globe. 

You can watch the rest of the interview over here. 

Pretty cool, right?