Often times when we’re having a bad day, the best way to fix it is to turn to the simpler pleasures in life. Eat that cookie you really like, or go in the balcony with a cup of chai even if for 10 minutes to unwind. 

So we’ve found this Reddit thread where people have shared what they do to improve their mood and in all honesty, it is some really solid advice. 

Here, take a look and read on to know more: 

1. “Do a baby check on myself. Make sure my base needs are ok first. Baby hungry? Eat. Thirsty? Drink water. Need a change (scenery, shower, clothes)? Do that. Tired? Nap OR go for a quick constitutional. If I’m still feeling down, I listen to music, groom myself (manicure, lotion up, deep condition and detangle my hair, exfoliate), eat something sweet (I do like ice cream an awful lot), watch a children’s movie or cartoon (they’re usually really light and bright so…). When I had a cat I would cuddle him or groom him. Clean my space ’til it’s shiny.”

– T0MT-user9

2. “Go to sleep for a bit.”

– FruitSnackEater

3. “Go for a walk. It doesn’t matter if it is in the woods, along a beach (or anywhere in nature), or in a nice neighborhood or a funky area downtown, just put your phone in your pocket, and walk. Even if it is a leisurely stroll, the exercise will release endorphins which will help with your mood. And I find it helps me disconnect from work/family/ problems that I may not even realize are putting me in a mood. The other thing that helps is having an orgasm. That releases a ton of endorphins too, and I find it always changes my outlook on the world. This isn’t everyone’s thing, it can be with a partner, solo or with a toy, and it is the most intimate kind of self care (even with a partner).”

– Mokatter01

4. “Take the dildo out, have an orgasm or 2. Sleep with a facial mask on. Take a long shower. Spoil my mom rotten even if she doesn’t like shopping.”

– Cool_Design_2573

5. “Burrying my face in fluffy cat belly.”

– DameArstor

6. “Go for a solo walk. Take a long hot shower. Pour it out into my journal. Re-read my favourite fanfics. Re-watch a comfort show/movie. Go to bed early. Eat ice-cream.”

– HonestThoreauAway

7. “Put my phone away. Regardless whether my bad day is caused by work, a fight with a loved one, world events etc. Putting my phone away always helps. Seeing other people’s highlights isn’t what I need when I’m feeling down.”

– iuil

8. “Eat your favorite food while watching Netflix/TV.” 

– Varunika95

9. “Meditate. This has changed my life so much it’s unbelievable. Takes 20 minutes of my time, requires me to just sit and close my eyes and do nothing.”

– ansavem

10. “COUNTING EXERCISES. Whenever I got a devastating phone call at work, I’d get up, take the elevator downstairs, and walk. I’d go for a 10 minute walk, AND I WOULD COUNT MY STEPS. It’s impossible to maintain a single thought while trying actively to count your steps. You don’t have to count steps. You can count how many cars there are, how many trees you see, how many men, how many women, how many cracks on the sidewalk, how many pigeons you see, seagulls, crows, how many roses are on a bush, etc. Then when I walked back to my desk, I did a 5-minute “guided meditation” (go on YouTube and type in “guided meditation for beginners” and watch/follow instructions. Do the breathing exercises). 

REMEMBER: Bullshit and strife are guaranteed. Suffering is optional. Whatever bullshit you’re facing that’s ruined your day, take a deep breath, know that you can deal with it calmly, patiently. Do it with patience, okay. Intentional patience. Don’t rush, don’t move too fast through your task.”


11. “Have a bath or hot shower.”

– redditgal20221

12. “Listen to music, drawing or dancing.”

– LoveYourselfTillEnd

13. “Take a nap. Go outside and stand in the sun. Walk through my garden. Pray/meditate. Drink water. Get a hug from a pet or a person. EAT. That’s usually the issue…”

– Hot_Room3205

14. “Weed. Every time. OR beer and pizza. Either one.”

– FreshTitMilk

15. “Watch baby panda videos from the breeding center in China. The cuteness overload is a guaranteed mood lifter.”

– insert_name_here925

16. “Cry it out.”

– InsanityRose7

17. “Go do something fun that requires your full attention. Practicing Guitar does it for me!”

– Kairi3927

These were absolute gold!