The last 6 years have seen a surge in an unnatural, almost diseased kind of patriotism. Radical groups which were on the fringe earlier have slowly become the majority, and in turn infected a vast percent of the Indian population with a definition of nationalism that is altogether wrong. Today, patriotism and nationalism have coagulated into a mutated mess where there is no room from criticism, dissent, or freedom of expression. There appears to only be one ‘correct’ way to be Indian, and that’s to follow the ruling party without question. In case you subscribe to that school of thought, you could do with a primer on the differences between nationalism and patriotism. 

In today’s fiery political climate, it’s imperative to understand that loving your country doesn’t have to come at the price of giving up your own sense of country and self. You can be a true patriot and still criticise, still speak out.