Often times, children are the best people to spend time with if you’re looking to be humbled. I mean have you ever paid attention to the kind of things they’ll say, it’s both hilarious and incredibly shocking. 

Which is why this Reddit thread of people sharing the worst things they’ve said when they were kids is so funny! Because, haven’t we been there?

Here, take a look for yourself:

1. “When I was in the 5th grade, I rose my hand in class, I had to use the restroom, when called on I said, ‘Mrs. insert name I have to take a jizz.’To my surprise I was sent to the Principal’s office, I thought jizz meant pee.”

– PolishPickel2091

2. “I put my hand in my pants in grade 2 because I had a boner, and the teacher asked me what the fuck I was doing and I said ‘Fixing my willy,’ when ever I look back on this memory, a part of me dies.”

– Pooplover69420666

3. “On vacation I saw one side of a sheer stocking in the showers at the resort spa. I’ve heard of pantyhose and assumed the singular version of the word was hoes. Obviously, that shower was occupied. I told my mom I couldn’t rinse off because there was ‘a hoe on the floor of the shower’ but really loudly of course. It caused some concern at first.”

– _-l_-l_-l_-l_-

4. “Not me, but my sister. She was 8 and learning to curse. She’s now 11. She said this to our mom when mom asked what she wanted for breakfast, “Can we please have dildos for breakfast you son of a fucking bitch?” I went to my room and laughed my ass off. She didn’t even know what that meant. When mom asked where she learned it, she said that she learned it from the 5th graders at her school. She was in 2nd grade (7-8 years old) at the time.”

– Lonely_Person_1670

5. “Told my mum and very religious nan that I loved watching pawn stars on TV and I want to be a pawn star etc. It’s a lot more difficult to distinguish porn and pawn when speaking…”

– TheHuntsman981

6. “When I was about 8 years old, I once innocently asked my teacher: ‘What’s a lesbian?’ He dragged my ass to the front of the class and forced me to repeat the question two more times ‘so everyone could hear,’ then told me to go sit back down and not ask stupid questions. I replied saying, ‘I wouldn’t have to, if you answered them.’ That earned me a whooping. Not from the teacher of course, but from my parents after they heard about it. Till date, still the teacher I hate the most. This was before the internet was a thing, obviously. Being gay was still mostly taboo, at the time, but you did start hearing about it more often.”

– Kuliari

7. “Pointing at people with down syndrome and asking, ‘Mummy why do all those people look the same?'”

– dannyboi9393

8. “I asked my mom to give me a blowjob. I heard this word on TV and for some reason decided that this was the name of a salad.”

– catincoolpants

9. “Referring to the people who ran the corner shop as “Pakis”, (as did my parents) not realising it’s a racist slur. I thought it was simply short for ‘Pakistanis.'”

– GwannySmiff

10. “kamine (it’s a Hindi word, means something like rascal, nasty idiot.) I was 3, said it to my elder brother. Mum almost slapped me.”

– bruvwhatthefuck

11. “‘I fucked grandpa,’ I think I thought it meant to hug someone.”

– eneous

12. “I called my dad a dildo.”

– Aruaz821

13. “Cock, I meant to say coke.”

– ElectricalWater4687

I read a meme about how kids are basically tiny drunk people, and this Reddit thread is pretty close to what the meme was saying. I love it!

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