Under the lockdown, most of us are stuck at home, with never-ending work (albeit from home), no house help (they deserve the paid leaves) and non-existent life skills (this last one could be just me). 

For some of us, the lockdown means more time with the family. For others, it means finally reading the books we never got around to opening. For some, it simply means catching up on all those hours of sleep lost while commuting. 

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But for me, the lockdown has once again brought the glaring realization that while school may have taught the Pythagoras theorem, it failed to teach me any essential life skills. 

Over the years, I've become so accustomed to delivery apps, house help and hired professionals, that I did not even learn the most basic skills - skills that are essential for survival. Hell, I don't think I even have enough hobbies to while away time during the quarantine! 

Yes, we're more privileged than most, but this is not to say, we don't have to deal with our share of problems. 

A basic Google search will tell you that there are essential personal and professional life skills that every person should be equipped with. I am woefully ill-equipped in both areas. 

Life Skills
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Like most kids in India, I spent most of my childhood living with parents, being provided for and taken care of. 

But, I have also lived away from home for almost a decade now. And yet, my knowledge of cooking, doing laundry, or general house repairs is just one step above non-existent. 

I can whip up Maggi at any time of the day, but anything that requires more than three instructions and 5 elements is like rocket science for me. 

Cutting the vegetables or cooking essentials like rice and lentils is an adventure. And my rotis are all shapes, but definitely not round.

Similarly, now that I can't just use Urban Clap to call a plumber, an electrician, or any other repairman, I am Googling DIY videos on how to unclog toilets. 

unclogging toilets
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And let's not even talk about how scared I am of the idea that cockroaches may creep in my house, and leave me restricted to my room, too scared to venture out. 

Before the quarantine, my biggest fear was the tax season - another thing school never taught us anything about. 

But right now, I struggle with most basic tasks, and after the 100th video call, even my mom had no sympathy left for me. 

The point is, despite having lived in a fair share of PGs, hostels, and flats, somehow I've never had to live completely alone, with no help. So while my tolerance for eating bland food is high (hostel mess FTW), my knowledge of cooking, or any essential life skill basically, is low. 

It's not like I am not aware of my privilege and the fact that there are people with far more severe problems than learning to cook or not having enough hobbies. But, this time has made me realize, that perhaps between all those PT classes that taught me bunking and little else, my school could have taught me the essentials of surviving on your own.

Anyway, thank God mom still picks every second call.