Sometimes a small act of kindness can leave an indelible mark in someone’s memory. You might not realise it, but it means so much, to so many.  

In today’s episode of touching stories, we meet a sibling duo who returned to India from the United States to find a peanut vendor who had given them free peanuts 12 years ago.

According to The New Indian Express, Nemani Pranav and his sister Suchitha accompanied their father, Mohan, to the U Kothapalli beach in Andhra Pradesh in 2010. They bought peanuts from a vendor, Ginjala Pedda Sattaiah, but were unable to pay him since their father had forgotten his wallet. Sattaiah said that it didn’t matter and gave them the peanuts free of charge.

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However, because they were NRIs residing in the United States, they were unable to repay him at that time.

Nemani and his sister Suchita came to India almost 11 years later and were determined to find Sattaiah and repay him. When they were unable to locate him, their father sought the assistance of Chandrasekhar Reddy, MLA of Kakinada City.

The MLA posted the photo to Facebook and requested his PA, Govindarajulu, to track him down. Later, a few residents of Sattiah’s hometown, Nagulapalli, recognised him and notified the PA about his family.

When the siblings found out that Sattaiah was no longer alive, they consoled the grieving family. They also agreed to donate the money to his family, a total of Rs 25,000, in order to pay off their ‘peanut debt.’

Most heartwarming story I have heard in a while.