Life is full of choices and as much as these concern us, they seem to affect everyone around us. At least, people take it on themselves to be bothered by these choices. This is also why we receive a countless calls on our result days, especially when Board results are announced. 

One of these life choices also include choosing a line of career and the subjects associated with them. And well, people have an opinion there as well – even when you don’t ask for them.

So, if you consider taking Arts as a subject, even if it’s because that’s something that interests you, it’s automatically considered that you’re not serious. It’s considered as something that’s not “practical”. Because, it’s okay to go on and spend a life doing something that you don’t like – as long as it keeps the society happy. 

As someone who changed paths from Science to Arts, I witnessed too many disappointed faces. Everyone was as sad as they would be if they find out that I do not plan on getting married, ever. I mean, these are both things that people shouldn’t care about, but everyone has a lot of time to kill and interfering remains a hobby. 

It’s mostly assumed that people who consider Arts, do it because they do not like to work or study heard. There’s no denying that the subjects associated with other streams can be more analytical or even comprehensive at times, but that’s no reason to altogether dismiss a different career path. It’s like dismissing someone’s problems, just because you think you have it harder.

Even films and shows go on and portray the subject and career choices associated with it as something casual. If you choose Arts, it’s because ‘tumse padhai nahi hoti’. It’s no secret that even the idea of pressurizing children to choose non-arts subjects has been normalized in our society. If not that, photographers, writers, artists or journalists are portrayed a certain way in Bollywood – mostly as people who do not take life seriously or are lazy and dishonest.


I grew up listening to things like – writing aur filmmaking toh hobby hoti hai and how I should treat them like it. After a point, even I started considering it true. Of course, I was wrong. If we’re good at something and it makes us happy, and we have the privilege to pursue it, then the only logical thing to do, is – go for it.

At times, we’re even told that the stream doesn’t get jobs that pay well. We mostly associate happiness with money and it’s not like it cannot be a factor. It’s just that – it’s not the only factor.

Also, logically speaking – every job comes with a required skill set, and we learn as we go. Your choice of subject cannot determine your value – figuratively or literally.

The thing is, we spend more than half of our lives around our careers and jobs – which probably makes it the most important choice to make. And if people have an opinion on it, the only thing that makes sense is to ignore it. The important thing while choosing a subject, is to think of what we’re good at and if it also makes us happy. Honestly, it’s easy to preach, because we only learn from our experiences. It’s also okay to make mistakes or wrong choices – because they are our mistakes and we can very well correct them.

Toh jaa Simran, jee le apni zindagi. Society will deal with it.