Every city has its horror stories. You know, the nooks and crannies where people say they can feel unseen forces that send tingles down their spine, raise the hair on the back of their neck, etc. etc. And lets face it,  we all love a good spook-tale. Which is why this Reddit thread has caught our attention. 

In it, Mumbaikars have revealed their own personal encounters with what they felt was either paranormal or supernatural forces. Read on. 

1. It was a couple of years ago. My entire hostel floor heard a woman screaming loudly for a good 20-30 seconds. The floors above and below me didn’t hear a single thing. The whole building was a boys hostel. The scream was too loud and clear for us to consider the use of a speaker, so someone couldn’t have pranked us. It was around 1 am at the time so it scared the shit out us.

– blublableee

2. One night, many dogs in the area entered our building and started howling like crazy. It was so loud that it woke up many people and so they chased the dogs away. The dogs were gathering on a particular floor and outside a particular flat (in which my friend lived). The next morning we learnt that my friend’s father had passed away the previous night. The twist here is his father was not even home that night.

– freddy-filosofy

3. Cooper hospital is very spooky! My friends have told me that during night duties there have been incidences of a pregnant woman undergoing labour pain asking directions to the maternity ward and then suddenly disappearing. And if you’d visit the maternity ward or search for her in the delivery ward, you won’t find a trace of her.

– immataxpayer

4. While in college, I and a couple of pals visited a Parsi student’s old mansion, in south Mumbai. While there, we heard strange noises. His parents weren’t home and it was just us boys having beer. We heard the doors/windows crackle, wooden floor squeak, a noise that sounded like someone was rubbing their palm on the wall, the rocking chair was also moving a bit. It got really spooky even though it was noon time. We jokingly told our pal about it while the rocking chair was moving in another room, and this guy just shouts ‘Nanaa noo!’ And the noise stopped. Apparently, his Nani had died a few years back and her soul was roaming in the mansion freely. So much so, that the entire family knew and were chill with it.

– lokichokiboki

5. Not exactly paranormal, but several years ago when I was returning home from my board exams, I was walking up the stairs in my building and I just felt something on the first floor. It was just an odd negative feeling that I clearly remember it. This was at 2 p.m., and around 4 p.m. my neighbors came to tell me that a man on the first floor had committed suicide. And the police etc. said that the time of death was around 2 p.m.! It was so bizarre and I remember that feeling crystal clear. Quite spooky for me honestly.

– CaroZoroark

6. I live in Thane in an apartment on the second floor where I often hear the sound of furniture shifting, especially something like a wooden stool, at around 1 a.m. and believe me no one stays on the first and third floor. Even my sister has experienced such things. I have also heard the sound of payal and a switch flipping on and off. I always used to listen to Hanuman chalisa on my phone.

– Key-Advantage1589

7. Have you seen the High Court of Mumbai from the Rajabai tower side gate at night? Some say there are voices heard and a presence is felt in the passage around chamber 36. Also, another mention is JJ hospital. For instance, certain places like the backside of the School of Physiology.

– Sufficient-Cancel105

8. My friend and I went to Aarey colony to click some photos. We both had our GoPro cameras and we started clicking photos. There was one particular patch of trees on the other side of the road where we went to shoot the photos. Strangely, our cameras couldn’t click any photos. We tried so many times but after pressing the shutter button the screen would go blank. Once we came out of that patch on the road, our GoPros began working perfectly. We felt something very odd & unsettling and left immediately.

– yashchokshi

9. Happened a couple of times. I’ve heard kids running in the flat above ours at night. There’s just an old lady who lives there and her family rarely visits.

– SnooMarzipans5277

10. The night before 26/11, I was wandering the shores of Chowpatty with my dad. I looked at the ocean and I said ‘hmmm, it’s so unguarded, couldn’t some random terrorists come in on a boat and bomb us?’ My dad was like, WTF no, there’s coast guard and no terrorists will ever bomb Mumbai, that’s impossible. The next day (26/11) my parents were scheduled to go to the Taj for some event. I had a bad feeling since the previous night. I didn’t even know why. I seriously didn’t want them to go and so pretended to fall really ill so that they’d stay back. Some people they knew ended up dying that day. I feel like this whole thing was very paranormal.

– snaptastica

Woah. Mumbai folks, are you reading this?