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Entrepreneurship is a tough game and it may not be for everyone. An ideal entrepreneur is thought to be someone who is ambitious, a go-getter and not afraid to take the necessary risks to make a name for themselves. And in order to be successful, one needs to have passion, patience, optimism and strong willpower ’cause all these things set entrepreneurs apart from others. 

Sometimes, where some people see a problem, others see an opportunity. 

And, that’s what these people did! Finding the right opportunities and turning them to your favour is how these people made it through. Watch their success stories here…  

1. Sunil Koshy – From Mug To Mike 

If Sunil could make a lucrative business out of bathroom singing, then you can do anything. He is the Co-Founder of ‘From Mug To Mike,’ where people from all walks of life can come and get training in music from big names, and have the whole studio experience. Sunil quit his job to pursue an untapped business opportunity – creating a platform for bathroom singers to showcase their talents. For spotting an opportunity and creating many more, Sunil is a true entrepreneur. 

2. B. S. Nagesh – Trust for Retailers and Retail Associates of India

B. S. Nagesh co-founded TRRAIN, a ‘not-for-profit business’ that empowers retail associates. TRRAIN is bringing diversity to the retail industry by creating career opportunities for underprivileged women and people with disabilities. B.S. Nagesh saw strength in diversity and today his business is creating opportunities for a diverse talent pool. 

3. Tenzing Bodosa – Tenzing Bodosa Tea

Tenzing is Assam’s first organic tea farmer, exporting tea to countries like the US and UK. The majority of his land is still forest land, and he keeps this land untouched out of respect for the wildlife. 

The ACCA finance qualification celebrates these incredible #PowerOfOpportunity stories. And, it stands for the values of diversity, innovation, accountability and integrity in business and finance. Just the things that you need to write your own success story!