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It’s always been a common belief in small-town households to associate the right preparation and top ranks in competitive exams with premiere institutes in cities like Kota and Ahmedabad. And every year, millions of students move out of their hometowns, striving to get into such institutes in order to secure a good rank in these competitive exams.

However, this very perception is why achievers from small cities and towns often go unnoticed and unaccounted for. You must’ve seen newspapers display ranks of students from such top institutes. But, most of them don’t seem to draw any attention towards scorers from small towns.

So, with their belief that ‘Kone Kone Se Top Result Ayega, Jab Saara India Vedantu Pe Online Padhega’, Vedantu launched their latest campaign, which celebrates the results of its students on a National level by reflecting their results on Maps. This initiative has given scorers from even small towns and cities a chance to make a mark on the list of achievers of our country. Still curious about the new Vmaps feature? Check this video out:

Vedantu – an online learning platform, continues to challenge this very perception, and makes sure that there is a change in this thinking, by making an effort to democratize results. Vedantu guarantees that now anyone can bring the results from any corner of the nation, through online learning. It’s a claim which is backed up with the remarkable results of Vedantu students.

Isn’t this amazing? We’re not the only ones who are impressed with this unique initiative. These influencers have also tweeted about how amazing this new feature is: 

With the ‘new’ normal slowly setting in, it is time we normalize online learning and achieve good results with the help of trustworthy online learning platforms like Vedantu.