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How many of you are sitting and complaining about life RN? I’m! And honestly, does any one of you remember when life got this hard? Like even on the weekend these days I’m either finishing pending work or making sure my friends stop complaining about me not meeting them. God! Adulting is hard… Argghh! 

Life was so easy when I was younger. Like when I was a kid and I could just chill because I didn’t have bills to pay or had deadlines to meet! Remember those days of paper planes, rock paper scissors, hide-and-seek, playing in the hot sun and then getting home to grab a chilled Frooti? Wasn’t that the best life? I mean, sure, my idea of having the best life has changed and now, all I want is to travel the world, write and eat a lot, without gaining weight, of course! But that’s what I want from life and that’s what Frooti’s campaign #TheFrootiLife is all about. With this campaign, Frooti is giving people a chance to create and share their ideas of the best life with the world!  

Well, now you can put your idea of having the best life in a photo or a 1 min video and share it on Instagram using #TheFrootiLife and… Wait! Why am I telling you this when I can show you how these cool Instagrammers are doing it! 

Here’s Mehek Malhotra running towards her dreams! 

Here’s Sam Madhu creating her best life with crazy imagination 

Here’s Ashima Gandhi living it up through colors, stories, and costumes

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Let me take you inside my @thefrootilife 🍋 shall we? The woman knows only one kind of world – the one with the color- it’s the green world. She’s a tree hugger and loves to grow micro greens in her little home farm. There’s a certain comfort, joy and eccentricity in being committed to it. Her friend is equally eccentric, has a world of their own – it’s yellow. In this world of black and white, some grey, and blue and white collar jobs, where fun is restricted, laughter is watched, where ppl are still superstitious and believe that too much happiness will bring too much pain later, they find comfort in each other’s world. Well, it’s essentially the same. Filled with nostalgia, immense joy and childlike innocence. They both clearly remember and cherish the taste of all good things in life – like FROOTI! Apart from corn on the cob and green vegetables (you see, they believe in eating and drinking right and mostly yellow and green). #MyFrootiLife With the most wonderful team @the_world_of_nabi @abhinavanguria @_ayush.agrawal ✨

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And if these didn’t give you enough motivation, here is a BTS video of Instagrammers acing it in life like a pro!  

And hey! Did I tell you that there is also a contest here? Well, all you need to do is post a photo or video of you, living your best life and tag 1 person you would love to spend your best life with. Oh, and don’t forget to use #MyFrootiLife, mention @thefrootilife in the caption and tag Frooti! Also, it’s time to change privacy settings and make that account public. Is that even too much to do? If your entry wins then you and your BFF can stand a chance to win a trip to GOA. Okay, so now we’re talking! 

Ready to show that ‘lush’ life on Instagram? Is ‘no’ even an answer?