In association with Orientbell Tiles

When we talk about the people who make our country great – scientists, politicians, teachers, and artists come to mind among several others. But very often, we forget the people who have helped to build our country, quite literally — the masons and construction workers. They are the hands that lay down foundations that are so strong, that it is these hands, giving rise to a nation that stands tall today. 

With a population of 1.3 billion Indians, the construction sector employs over 51 million people across the country. These are people who endanger themselves to make our dreams concrete. And we think, it’s time to celebrate and honour them.

This Republic Day, Orientbell Tiles has come out with a video that celebrates these #HandsThatBuildIndia. The unsung heroes who have built the homes that we live in, the buildings we work in, and several other things that we too easily take for granted. 

We as a society, tend to forget that there have been people who have worked day and night for us, so that we have a roof over our heads. These heroes uproot their homes, to make our homes; and due to the temporary and unorganised nature of their work, as soon as a project is complete, they have to pick up their homes and move to another area entirely. 

The video stands testimony not only to the heroes who build our country from the ground up, it also tells us how it’s time for us, to come together as a republic, to build our nation. A nation where even though there’s diversity and our paths don’t always merge; we still have to make a home out of our country, where our hearts beat as one. 

So, this Republic Day, let’s give thanks to the people who have worked tirelessly to build this country and our homes with their own two hands. And let’s strive to build our nation – together. Check out the full video by Orientbell Tiles below.