Last night, I was watching a movie that I found really enjoyable. So, when it was dinner time, I was like ‘fuck it, let’s order’.

That was around 3 in the night.

Keeping aside my unhealthy sleeping pattern, what it made me think was, that I have the luxury of ordering food that late, because there is one person who’s working at that time.

Ground Up

Really, delivery boys, food or otherwise – are underrated heroes that deserve more credit than they get.

Usually, we just crib about them getting late or asking too many questions about the location.

Yaar, ye kahan hai? Khaana chahiye. 

Itna easy location hai, kaise nahin mil raha?

While sometimes those concerns are legitimate, mostly it’s us overreacting. 


Our dependability on delivery boys is increasing with each passing day, and we should appreciate them more, for that.

Without them, we’d have to travel to restaurants every time we needed outside food. Being sick or busy wouldn’t have made any difference.

Without them, the online shopping websites would not have existed.

The Economic Times

Without them, we would have had to step outside to purchase stuff, regardless of the time of the day, regardless of rain or intense heat (that sentence reeks of privilege that we all need to start acknowledging). 

These guys are working on a minimal wage and usually get rebuked from both the customer and the seller. 

Imagine their situation, where the company selling the products is calling them to make sure the package has reached the customer. And the customers are calling them incessantly because they want to track the product.

YouTube/Wall Street Journal

It cannot be easy, can it? So, the least we can do is be nicer to them, yeah?

They figure out confusing directions, all day long.

They run against time to deliver things.

They climb up and down the stairs, 10 or 12 times in a day.

They travel in heat, cold and rain.


And lastly, they leave their families back home to work on festivals, so that we can have a great time.

To all the delivery boys, thank you for making our lives so much easier. We don’t know what we would do without you.