In life, we meet certain people who are meant to change it some way or the other. Be it harshly or politely, that person teaches us things that stay with us forever. 

For some, that person is an ex-boyfriend, a friend, a relative and for others, it’s their boss. 


I know, most don’t think of their boss when it comes to folks who inspire us. Honestly, there are quite some of them who make your life a living hell. Those who make you dread coming to the office every day. 


But, there are some rare breed of ‘bosses’ who truly give a shit about their employees. Who make you struggle, not to just get over with the work they’ve given you but to make you learn the importance of that work. 

They actually believe in passing over the wisdom they have learnt all through the years by remaining patient with you even when you give up on yourselves.

People Matters

When you are stuck with a problem you thought had no solution, they let you figure it out in every way possible.

They give the same importance to your views and opinions as much as their own ideas. 

Instead of treating you like a machine they actually notice when something is not really right with you or your work. In fact, they went the extra mile to listen to you, to get to know your problems and empathize with you. 


But mostly, that amazing boss gives you the freedom to discuss even the weirdest, most juvenile ideas and never shames you for it. Rather, structure them, nurture them and gives it wings to fly. 

NY Post

So, if you had a boss who scolded you like a parent and cared about you like a best friend, you already have unlocked the hardest part of your job. You have unknowingly learnt lessons which will not only shape your career but your life and for that, you should thank these bosses.