I am at an age where everyone around me is getting married. 

Whether it’s my Facebook friends, my colleagues, my college friends and even those distant school friends who I’ve not seen since I was 17.    


Now that everyone is tying the knot, my close friends, too, are being taken away from me, one rishta at a time.   

It is great attending your close friend’s wedding. First and foremost, you actually know the person. You have seen them date many (dreamy to bad to horrible) peeps to finally tie the knot with the ‘one’. 

But after all of the fun wedding shenanigans are over and you’re done weeping, watching them leave, the real struggle begins.       

Laughing Colours

The struggle of keeping in touch. 

Sure, you get all the crazy deets of their wedding, their honeymoon, the places they visited, it soon starts to fade away. 


Now that they got married, texting them on a weekend to have a drink and chill is something you think twice about. Now inviting you means that your spouse is a plus one by default. 

Maybe they have a plan with their spouse? Maybe their spouse won’t like meeting me?   

Even though the spouse is damn chill and super fun to hang out with, sometimes it does feel like I’m missing my ‘real’ friend.  

You know, the one who abuses freely? Or does all those super random stuff that only us as friends can do. 

I mean, what happened to those dancing sessions on those Govinda songs? Now you suddenly listen to 90’s classic rock. Really? 


And let’s make one thing pretty clear, whosoever said that they are an open book in front of their partners and friends, they are lying. 

Now they talk about family and how they are saving up for the kids and honestly, I don’t relate with that at all.  

It literally seems like you have reached the peak of adulting and I’m still on the beginner level of it. How the hell did that happen? 

Anyway, even though we do meet after the marriage, it’s lesser now. There are no spontaneous outings or those happy hours at pubs after office anymore.     

Times Of India

Moreover, I’m suddenly the ‘single friend’ now who they can’t go on a double date with. 

Even if that is the case, I understand. Obviously, third-wheeling is something that nobody wants. But that doesn’t mean that our meeting will always have a ‘match-making’ session, right? 

Now the same vacation that we always used to go together too doesn’t involve me. They have a different life now.

So, dear friend I am glad that you got married and have a great life now. But know that I miss you and I hate that you’ve turned your back on me.