Indian weddings are mostly full of drama. There’s always some salty family member or conflict between the groom’s and bride’s side of the family that gets worse during the wedding! 

For instance, this man from Shahjahanpur, UP, walked out of his wedding because of a dispute between his and the bride’s side about who would pay for the band. 

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Dharmendra had brought his baraat from Kampil in Farrukhabad to Mirzapur. While the wedding rituals were being performed, the band came forward to ask for their money. 

When the two families began discussing who is supposed to pay the fee, a nasty feud between two relatives, from the bride and groom’s family broke out. This ended with the groom walking out of his wedding with his procession!

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And finally, the bride’s family severed their ties with the groom’s family after the turbulent incident. Yikes, talk about being scorned lovers!