I am not the biggest fan of the institution of marriage because of a ton of reasons that we do not have time to discuss right now. However, I do love me a good wedding event involving some other couple. Also, I am perpetually fascinated by the wedding-related headlines emerging from different parts of our country. Look at the ones below. People are going wild, and in some cases, I must say I don’t mind it at all.

1. Like this woman who decided to marry someone else because her groom was drinking and didn’t turn up for pheras. Good job.

In our country, though, one celebrates such instances with caution. She might have to go through a lot for standing up for herself. We hope that doesn’t happen, but really, the man had some audacity.

2. Another such incident happened in Maharashtra where the bride’s family got her to marry one of their relatives because the groom, again, was drinking and dancing.

Hope they took her consent.

India Today

3. This one is rather unfortunate. Two women, sisters to each other, ended up marrying each other’s grooms because there was a power cut and they could not tell one man from another.

The families realised the mistake when the women reached different houses. The ceremonies were performed again the next day.

India Today

4. In a shocking incident, a wedding was halted after the bride’s ex-lover came and put jaimala around her neck and sindoor on her head. He was later taken to the police.

The wedding was called off.

The Statesman

5. A bride’s family in Uttar Pradesh cancelled a wedding because the groom could not read the newspaper without his glasses.

Apparently, they did not know about the fact that his eyesight was weak and upon learning the same, wanted to cancel the event.

News 18

6. See now, most of us attend most of the weddings for food but if there is fire, I’d suggest you don’t act like people in this viral video who kept eating despite a raging fire behind them.

Bet the videographer got something more important to cover than people taking too much paneer.

7. A wedding in Bengaluru was called off because the bride and the groom’s families could not settle on what kind of biryani they should have prepared for the main event – mutton or chicken.

Things reached a point where the police had to be involved. Biryani is a feeling and you don’t play with feelings.


Don’t know what to say!