In Bollywood films, we’ve seen weddings being called off or people marrying someone else a thousand times. 

But what happened recently in Rajasthan’s Churu district is nothing less of a movie plotline. After his drunken dancing delayed the mahurat, a woman refused to marry her groom in Rajgarh tehsil’s Chelana village.


According to India Today, the groom, Sunil, and his family arrived in the bride’s village on Sunday, May 15. The wedding procession did not arrive on time, despite leaving at 9 p.m. for the bride’s house. The groom and his friends were intoxicated and continued to dance to the beats of the DJ, causing the procession to be stalled for hours.


The mahurat (favourable period for pheras) was postponed due to the groom’s reckless behaviour. The groom and his family’s antics enraged the bride and her parents. They eventually decided to return the baraat and ditch the groom. After that, the bride was married to another man.

Following the fiasco, the groom’s family reported the incident to the Rajgarh police station and lodged a complaint against the bride’s family.

India Today

The bride’s family alleged that the groom and his family were irresponsible with the wedding pheras and that this approach might continue in the future. 

However, both parties chose to cite family matters as the reason for the wedding cancellation after discussing with the police, and both sides gave written proof.

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