There are (mostly) two types of people in this world— ones who love Valentine’s day and the others who don’t. 

Also, holding a moral high ground, there are a few who would unsurprisingly pop up on social media, yelling- It’s a capitalist scam! 

Buddy, what in this world isn’t? Will you take a look at other holidays or festivals, too, while you are on it? Thanks! 

Not to mention, some even go on to denounce the social custom for being a borrowed western tradition. And we can’t do that, why? 

But this isn’t about them. Today, it is about the ones who are as stuck between the two extremes, as the ones born in 1996, between the millennials and Gen Z.  

The ones who’s level of interest in loving or hating this holiday is not particularly astounding. And I am one of those people. If I encounter any unnecessary wrangling over the significance of the day, I’d enjoy that while indulging in a large bucket of popcorn. 

And that would be purely out of my love for drama, because I never felt anything for or against Valentine’s day. Loving or hating it, both sound like effort. Count me out!  

Yes, there is more red in the malls and markets than in a garden of red roses, but look on the brighter side, or should I say delicious side. The local bakeries would bring out their best looking and most tasteful desserts and chocolates, this time of the year. And I definitely don’t mind that.

However, people would counter that, at times, things do go a little over-the-top with the PDA and exaggeration of the simplest emotion on Instagram stories. I do agree with you on that. I mean if I see another couple twinning in a ‘King’ and ‘Queen’ tees, I will be forced to unleash my inner Kiara (from Dear Zindagi), not kidding.  

Having said that, though it might seem cool to hate it, why would you let some silly day bother you so much? 

Personally, I’m all for celebrating and expressing love. And, in a country like ours, where a lot of us have grown up in households watching anger more openly expressed than love and affection, we need more excuses to do the latter.

But, of course, limiting myself to using Valentine’s day as an excuse, whether it comes to spreading love (or hating on it), isn’t my thing. For the reason that, rather than the territory of yes or no, I’d prefer to live on a broad, unexplored middle ground- in peace.