The illness of a parent is one of the scariest things a person can experience because to see things happen to them and hope for the best, is not easy.

And so, everyone who has been through this darkness deserves love. One of them is this pilot whose mother fell sick a few years ago and doctors had pretty much given up on the hope that she will survive.

She did survive, though. She learned how to walk again and to talk again, and now, 4 years later, was sitting on a flight flown by her own son. 


The pilot took the opportunity to address this before the take-off in the sweetest speech. He said that while his mother was sick, his family would tell her that once she is feeling better, they would take her to Maui.

And she made it. This was the flight to Maui that airlines allowed the pilot to fly to honour the promise he had made to his mother. 

After giving the speech, he went and hugged his mother as other passengers cheered him on with words of encouragement.

The comments on the Instagram video are celebrating their love and resilience. 

Tissues, please?