Twitter’s not always about ‘What’s happening?’ It’s also about what happened. We’re all bubbling with stories and experiences. We also love sharing them. Once in a blue moon, twitter threads about people sharing their stories go viral. And we realize that although such threads recount different stories, they connect us all on a deeper, human level. 

One such thread went viral recently where people connected over ‘physical pain.’

The thread blew up on twitter, and people shared their experiences.

All of this makes me think that we’re all so much stronger than our idea of us.

This sounds so brutal.

I am literally in goosebumps as I write this. People have gone through some real scary sh*t and came out of it to share their stories. What’s this miracle called the human body? You know, we’re the real OGs. We should credit ourselves for it.

What’s the worst kind of physical pain you’ve experienced?